Weekly Project Dashboard

The weekly project dashboard is a one-page report setting out the project's progress so far, and what comes next.

A project dashboard gives a snapshot of the project that week.

The progress dashboard records activities which have taken place in the previous week.


It reports and tracks critical design issues and risks, and gives a look ahead for the next week. 

It should report the key headline tasks, activities, etc. 


The dashboard will usually include meetings and milestones, design team and client team priorities and headline actions, and key tasks from the design programme.


Download the Weekly Project Dashboard template (pdf) here.


The sizes and colours of the section boxes can be adapted to meet project requirements. The heading colours should reference the colours used in the project programme. For example, if the client’s action are shown in blue on the programme, change the Client Priorities heading on the dashboard to blue.


The design manager should collate the information in the weekly progress dashboard from all relevant sources.


This are likely to include

  • meeting minutes

  • email correspondence

  • RFI schedule

  • Design Issues Tracker

  • Meeting Planner

  • Design Programme.

How often?

The frequency of issue of the project dashboard should be set out at the beginning of a project, in agreement with the client, architect and design team. It is usually sent either weekly or fortnightly.


It is good practice for the dashboard to be issued consistently week on week - for example, every Monday morning or Friday afternoon. This time should be agreed in advance.  

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