Victoria Palace Theatre

Delfont Mackintosh

We established new lines of communication between the design team and the contractor, helping them to resolve issues and ensure the theatre refurbishment was finished in time. 

Buro Four, the Project Managers on behalf of Delfont Mackintosh, appointed Plan A to help establish communication procedures and protocols for the project, plan the remaining work, and establish efficient reporting procedures.


Our role included regular reporting to the client team on progress and key issues to help ensure that decisions required were understood and tracked. Plan A was also involved in detailed programming exercises with the Client and Design Team to help prioritise works required, establish key design fixes to reach outline planning and safeguard for the scheme while works progressed. 

"During the construction phase of the VPT Plan A were brought onto the VPT to assist with the coordination of remaining design elements still outstanding at the latter stages. Their assistance in coordinating change, from both client and the existing building as well as remaining contractor design, was invaluable in getting the Theatre open in time for Hamilton.”

Richard Young, Buro Four director 

Project description 


The Victoria Palace theatre is one of the most iconic theatres in London's West End, host to high profile shows such as Billy Elliott and Buddy. Delfont Mackintosh theatre group bought the 1550-seat theatre in 2014, initiating a refurbishment project aimed at restoring the theatre to its former glory. The grade II listed theatre closed for a multi-million-pound refurbishment in 2016.This had to be completed for the theatre production Hamilton. The show was eagerly anticipated in the UK after a high-profile spell on Broadway and advance ticket sales and expectations were high.

 Aedas Arts Team was responsible for the restoration, refurbishment and extension.


The theatre was originally designed in 1911 by Edwardian theatre architect Frank Matcham. The design approach was to ‘complete’ the work of the original architect by stripping away unsympathetic additions, and adding new elements in Matcham’s idiosyncratic architectural style. Additional land enabled the building of a new state-of-the-art stage and stage house. At the same time, the public areas, auditorium, backstage facilities, rehearsal room and external appearance were improved and upgraded.

Hamilton opened at the newly refurbished theatre in December 2017.


Photo top: Victoria Place Theatre refurbishment by Gary Kirk cc by SA-4.0


Photo right: Victoria Palace Theatre Oast House Archive

Project: Victoria Palace Theatre, London, UK
Sector: Cultural
Client: Delfont Mackintosh
Architect: Aedas Arts Team

Start date: 2016
Completion date: 2017
Engineering: Buro Happold
Design Management: Plan A Consultants 
Contract Value: £50m