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There are times during the week when being in our office in Farringdon can be a lonely place. For our Design Management service line where we are appointed directly by architects and designers, we often spend time during the week based in our Clients offices. Our role focuses on supporting architects and designers in their responsibilities as either Lead Consultant or Lead Designer. There is no better place to help deliver this than sat next to the Directors, Project Architects and team members who have been tasked to deliver these roles. However, this sits slightly against our mantra about the importance of learning and development. A large factor in our award of Consultant of the Year (less than 100 people) at the recent Building Awards has been our commitment to making sure that our team learn from each other and what better way than to sit face-to-face with your team members. What do we do to make sure that we learn from each other? There are several ways. We have a group email address where everyone is copied. Information is shared, queries raised and invitations are made to events, lectures and exhibitions. On Fridays though, team members are encouraged to work from the office. We provide lunch where everyone shares a meal together. These meals are followed by a quick 30-minute presentation by one of the team on a burning topic – what is the best means to prepare a design programme that designers will actually engage with and which reflects the design process? (clue – it’s not a gantt chart). What are the challenges that designers face when decisions by Client teams are not made and what is the best way to respond? We will not rest on our laurels. We have plans for 2020 and more to follow. Design Management is not a subject that is often debated. Our knowledge and know-how should be shared industry wide and not just amongst ourselves and we will be looking into ways as to how we can achieve this.

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