Plan A Graduate Scheme

One of the Plan A business plan objectives over the past two years has been to increase the understanding of Design Management within the industry. Spreading the word with the next generation at universities and colleges has been one of the steps taken to make this happen.

As a consequence of these relationships established with the education sector, we are really happy to roll out our Design Management graduate programme for Plan A Consultants in 2018. A second-year student at Loughborough University will be joining us in the summer for a year (and hopefully a long-term career after that) whilst we are also currently interviewing for a full time graduate position.

We understand our responsibilities towards those starting out in their careers. Providing opportunities to contribute, making sure that the company ethos is clear and simply providing the right level of support and listening are all factors for success. We see this as that start of a long term commitment to providing opportunities to students and graduates and we are looking into other measures including sponsorships from next year.

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