Fatal injury statistics released by the HSE

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The HSE has published the fatal injuries arising from accidents at work in Great Britain 2017.

The key headlines are as follows:

  • 137 workers killed at work in 2016/17. This is a reduction of 10 recorded in the previous year. Of the 137-people killed, 34 were aged 60 & over

  • 30 of those killed were in the construction sector, closely followed by agriculture (27), manufacturing (19), transport and storage (14) and waste (14). A combination of other sectors accounted for 33.

  • The biggest cause of death was being struck by a moving vehicle which was responsible for 31.

  • The other causes of death were falls from height (25), struck by a moving object (20), trapped by something collapsing or overturning (10), contact with moving machinery (8) and contact with electricity (8).

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