Project Experience in the Middle East

Due to the pandemic, we are all changing our approaches to work. One significant change for Plan A has been we have moved away from our architectural clients being located solely in London. We are now currently employed by architectural practices across Europe and as far away as the Far East.

Whilst the location of where the architects and designers who employ us has changed over the past 12 months, one thing that has not changed is the location of the projects themselves.

One region that has been particularly relevant recently has been the Middle East. We have significant experience of working in the region going back over twenty years and the Plan A team recently came together online in a specific workshop to share our experiences in the region. We shared real life project experiences across a number of themes such as preparing competition submissions, getting paid and minimising risk to the architect. Whilst each project in the region is different, there are often similarities and it was great to look in detail at some of the projects where we are currently engaged. Please contact us directly ( if you would like a copy of our conclusions report.

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