Museum of London

Stanton Williams Architects, Asif Khan Ltd,
Julian Harrap Architects

We established and implemented design procedures and protocols specifically tailored for the Museum of London project.


This included working collaboratively with Stanton Williams to create a detailed Design Responsibility Matrix confirming scope splits among the team. 

The project was unique in that it involved a collaboration between three outstanding architects


Our role was to ensure clear lines of communication among the architectural team, allowing them to work harmoniously and efficiently on this very large and complex refurbishment project. 

We supported the team right from RIBA stage 0, helping to define the structure and process of how the brief would be developed. Then we worked closely with Stanton Williams, as Lead Designer, to plan and manage the Museum, Design Team and wider stakeholder inputs through to completion of Stage 4.




The most significant challenge on this project was managing the ‘unknowns’ of an existing set of buildings in varying condition, and mapping these appropriately within various work stages of the design process and master programme.


Large areas of the site were inaccessible or un-surveyed, due to tenant occupancies as well as unsafe access. In addition, numerous third-party involvements required coordination and close monitoring, to manage time and cost expectations of the project.


We understood and clearly identified the design risks involved, in order to realistically programme the objectives and deliverables for each RIBA Plan of Work stage. 

"Plan A are excellent at helping us manage the way we work on projects. They are friendly, collaborative and really good to work with."

Alan Stanton, Founder, Stanton Williams Architects

Project Description 


The Museum of London project materialised in 2016 as an architectural competition, to relocate the museum from its London Wall location to a site in West Smithfield.


The client’s ambition is to create a new museum for London for the 21st Century, bringing back to life the historic buildings of West Smithfield, and forming an integral part of the City’s cultural hub. The architects were briefed to conceive a new museum with a charismatic identity, combining the old West Smithfield buildings with contemporary interventions and additions to reimagine this London landmark.


The museum aims to be a ’must see’ destination for both Londoners and visitors, and will service over 2.25 million visitors per year.


Project: Museum of London, London UK
Sector: Cultural
Client: Museum of London
Start: October 2016
Area: 24,500 square metres

Architects: Stanton Williams Architects (Lead Designer/Architect), Asif Khan Ltd, Julian Harrap Architects
Structural Engineering: AKT II
Mechanical Engineering: Arup