Lusail Stadium

Atherden Fuller Leng / Qatar 2022 Committee

Atherden Fuller Leng (AFL) appointed Plan A to define and then manage the design process. We also set-up and implemented delivery procedures and protocols in areas not already established by the main contractor.

Plan A established clarity on design programme and deliverables. Getting these right from the beginning helped the client and contractor teams in their decision-making. We helped the client to see that the design team was appropriate organised, with all vital delivery phase issues covered. We also supported AFL to identify areas of risk and take action so the design process was protected.


On most projects, Plan A supports the architect or designer from concept to tender, and they are employed by the client.


The Lusail Stadium project was slightly different. We were employed by Atherden Fuller Leng (AFL), who were employed by a contactor and designer team to provide specialist stadium and bowl design expertise to construction level information. While the project set-up was different, our scope was similar to our more traditional projects.


This was a high profile project, in the public eye, and with a tight and immovable completion date. Architects and designers need to be able to hit the ground running, work flexibly and provide clarity on what was realistically feasible regarding programme and construction cost.

Project description 

The Lusail Stadium in Doha has been constructed for the 2022 Football World Cup. It will provide a world-class football facility for 86,250 spectators during the opening ceremony, group games and final. Reflecting Doha’s culture and heritage, the stadium is designed to be highly energy efficient and able to cope with extreme summer heat.

The concept vision by Foster+Partners has a near-circular footprint. It sits on the masterplan’s primary axis, which divides the stadium precinct into two halves. 

The design mirrors the ancient Arab craft of bowl weaving in the stadium's inner structure, and it is encircled by a reflective pool of water. Spectators use six bridges to cross the 'moat' to enter the building.


Plan A Consultants was appointed by UK practice Atherden Fuller Leng (AFL) at the end of 2016. AFL has specific expertise in stadium and sports design and was appointed directly by the main contractor's designer to support the completion of the design and preparation of construction information.

After the World Cup, the stadium will be transformed into a community space including schools, shops, cafés, sporting facilities and health clinics. 

Project: Lusail Stadium, Doha, Qatar
Sector: Sports
Client: Qatar 2022 Committee
Architect: Atherden Fuller Leng

Structural engineering: Keo (later Aurecon)
MEP, Cost: Keo (later Aurecon)
Design management: Plan A Consultants
Dates: late 2016 to summer 2017