Heart of The City Membership

Heart of the City Membership

Plan A are really excited to take up our place on the Heart of the City’s 2021 responsible business foundation programme this year.

Heart of the City supports SME’s to be a force for good. It will be fantastic to work closely with the team to refine our socially responsible business goals via workshops, masterclasses and expert mentoring, as well as the opportunity to join a network of other likeminded SME’s. This year we will be working to build a cohesive framework to support our existing initiatives and make sure our core values shine through as key drivers in our work.

The foundation programme will help us solidify our strategy in helping to support our local community, reduce our environmental impact, build a more diverse workforce and continue to look after our employees’ wellbeing.

We are looking forward to our first 1:1 virtual meeting with our account manager Kate this week!

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