Abrahamic Family House

Adjaye Associates / Miral

Architect Adjaye Associates appointed us to be the management point of contact between client Miral and the design team. 

We were involved in RIBA stages 2 and 3 of the project.

Our full-service provision included setting up project protocols, supporting contractual negotiations, and preparing sub-consultancy agreements. We also established the design deliverables, design programme and scopes of work, and clarified the conclusion of the design responsibilities.   

Our day-to-day responsibilities included managing any design issues, monitoring the design programme, progress reporting, change control, and chairing client and design team meetings. We liaised constantly with the client team and the rest of the design team, including the local architect of record. This ensured the flow of information was uninterrupted, and all relevant parties remained informed.




The entire project is a challenging programme with an evolving brief, and a significant media focus.


No building like this has been commissioned before in the UAE, so the client and the design teams have been working in an entirely new environment. The development of the brief involved a wide variety of stakeholders.


The site itself, situated near the Louvre and adjacent the Sheik Zayed National Museum, has considerable constraints, which are exacerbated by the stringent security requirements. The statutory approvals process in Abu Dhabi impacts the design programme from the outset and requires significant resource.

"Seamless and collaborative..."

Sir David Adjaye OBE, Founder, Adjaye Associates

Project description 


Located on Saadiyat Island, near the Louvre, the Abrahamic Family House is a ground-breaking project, commissioned as the UAE celebrated its year of Tolerance by the Higher Committee for Human Fraternity. 

The complex consists of a podium punctuated by three 30m high cuboid religious buildings:

  • a mosque

  • a non-denominational church

  • and the first synagogue in the UAE.

Below the podium are a visitor’s centre, living accommodation for the celebrants, and a car park.


The roof of the podium will house a large ornamental garden including a wide presentation area for outside functions. 

CGI images courtesy of Adjaye Associates

Project: Abrahamic Family House, Abu Dhabi, UAE
Sector: Cultural
Client: Miral

Architect: Adjaye Associates
Start date: 2019
Engineering: Buro Happold
Design management: Plan A Consultants